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The MAX-Sourcing advantage...Client Satisfaction/Quality driven!

In a world of increased competition and financial pressures, an increasingly rigorous regulatory environment and an always growing quantity of information and communications to review, digest and circulate, the sourcing/purchasing function in any organization is a pivotal activity and impacts directly the bottom line. This is why successful sourcing and strong partner relationships are recognized as key success drivers in any business.

MAX-Sourcing can assist you in identifying, qualifying, validating and managing viable, proven and collaborative sources of quality products, raw materials and development services. We provide full sourcing services, spend consolidation/bundling, product and pricing benchmarking, identification of alternate supply, market research, contract recommendations and negotiations.

Without bias or partiality, we put to work on behalf of our international group of clients a far reaching global network of suppliers, manufacturers, partners and resources.

Thanks to our group of core suppliers and our teams in place in Europe, China and India, we successfully leverage our relationships with demand bundling on behalf of our always expanding client base that spans the globe. Throughout any sourcing mandate or process, we ensure compliance to even the most demanding requirements in regulated markets including the US, Europe and Canada. Strategic sourcing initiatives or services are deployed for our clients under complete confidentiality. From off-the-shelf sourcing, to locating existing product portfolios, to setting up turnkey small-scale to large scale custom development/production options, we work relentlessly at proposing viable and realistic options backed by full documentation, transparency and traceability.

Unlike most other suppliers, our facilities are audited by Health Canada for cGMP compliance and are USP <1079> compliant. Our infrastructure and services include access controlled, fully climate controlled (humidity and temperature) warehousing and the highest quality in logistics and movement of goods. Whether hot or cold, wet or dry days, the inventory we hold  remains in a steady state and controlled environment. The warehouse is also equipped with full back up generators for any grid outages.

Our drive and ambition is to deliver maximal value to our clients and suppliers. We accomplish this by facilitating and managing requirements under confidence and aligning these with quality sourcing options.

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